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Getting Started

Who will see my ads?

Simple: People ready to do business with you. Your ads will be shown on the Facebook network to people who are interested in buying or selling properties right now in your local area.

Why can’t I see my ads? I’m worried.

There’s nothing to worry about! Because your ads are shown only to potential prospects, you won’t see it pop up on your own newsfeed–– unless of course you're looking to buy a house from yourself!

How does Facebook know when to show my ads?

This can get pretty complicated, but to keep it simple:  Facebook tracks its users’ interests and behaviors -- this isn’t just based on what they do on Facebook; it’s also based on their activity across the web. Then, these users are shown ads -- your ads! -- that Facebook thinks they’ll be interested in when they are most likely to see it or engage with it.

What is your guarantee?

Glad you asked! As our guarantee, your ad will get a set number of views (or more) per month. This number is determined by a number of factors, and is individual to your ad, target area, and budget. If we don’t meet that guarantee: We’ll double your views the following month!

How do I change my ad?

It’s pretty easy–– just give us a call at (???) ???-???? to speak with your personal design team.


How do I track my marketing?

Keeping an eye on your ad’s performance is crucial. That’s why each month, you will receive a report where we break down the analytics for you, address how well your ad is performing, and include suggested tweaks.

How do I cancel?

We’ll be sad to see you go, but if you’d like to cancel, it’s as easy as calling us at (800) 364-3480.

How many leads, clicks or phone calls will I get?

Great question! There are a number of factors that influence what a person will do after they see your ad and how long it will take for them to do it. We get your ad seen by real-time buyers and sellers in your local area, and our guarantee covers how many prospects see your ad, not how many leads, clicks, or calls you get. Once your ad is running, your design team can work with you to tailor your ad to your goals and desired results.

Which area do I get? (city or zipcode)

You can choose any available city or zipcode.

Creating and Ad

Do I get to approve the ad first?

Your design team will work with you to create the first ad! Whether you’d like to help design it or would like to be completely hands-off–– we have you covered. You are able to request changes to your ad or approve it for a set period. However, if we don’t hear from you, the ad will automatically go online after that time.

How long is the price good for?

Your price is good for the lifetime of your account.

What is Adfully?

Adfully is a premiere branding service focused on helping you grow your real estate business through online social media and targeted marketing. We do the boring stuff, so you don’t have to. 😎

Why should I use Adfully?

Counterpoint: Why wouldn’t you? With our no commitment, month-to-month contracts, affordable pricing–– it’s a no-brainer to give us a try. You get to focus on selling houses, while we manage your marketing. It’s a win-win!

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